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Wedding photographer Paris

Roger Savry, photographe mariage, is a french wedding photographer, whose style is natural and original. He works in the south of Paris, near and is specialized in luxury photo report (photojournalist report of the wedding from the bride preparation to the evening, and a trash the dress session). The style developed by the wedding photographer Paris combines photo-journalism with care and lifestyle always in mind. His pictures are plenty of emotion. With experience, you will be quickly in trust with him. You will be pleased and proud to share your wedding photos trhoughout your life.

Look at his portfolio, and enjoy the compositions, light and emotions generated throughout the photos. Bright colors express the happyness of your day and contrast with the deep black and white for the most solemn moments. Les couleurs vives expriment la joie de votre journée et tranchent avec les noirs et blancs profonds pour les moments plus solennels. En voyant ses photos, RSPhoto souhaite que vous ayez envie d'en savoir plus sur les personnes photographiées, leurs amis, et d'avoir l'envie de prendre part à cette grande fête ! Rien n'est oublié, les détails, les vues d'ensemble des lieux, les photographies sur le vif, les danses, toujours avec l'obsession de rester discret !

Wedding photographer France and wedding photographer Paris, Roger Savry can help you throughout France and all over the word.

Looking for a wedding photographer Paris

Looking for a wedding photographer Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and elsewhere in France is something that is more difficult than it seems ! All formulas exist and it is sometimes difficult to estimate the cost. Roger Savry will propose you a personalized view of the wedding, offering in his formulas a website with all your photos, a DVD with all the photos in High Definition. However, be careful to anticipate your request, some dates are booked far in advance.

On a simple request, the wedding photographer Paris will be able to present you his prices and propose a personalised quote.

... the work of the wedding photographer Paris !

Being a wedding photographer Paris should remain the result of passion and a pleasure. All photos are individually optimzed with attention to the details (color adjustment, brightness, contrast and saturation), which after a shot, is still a way to give a unique style and original photographs of your wedding !

If his approach of the wedding photography and his style combining photojournalist view, lifestyle and sensitivity suits you, RSPhoto is ready to answer your questions and go further together for your wedding. On request, the wedding photographer Paris will present you its prices and offer you a quote. However, to get the best answer, the days, hours, location of your event and what you expect are appreciated informations. Do not hesitate, you  won't never say too much about you and your wedding !

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